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A.B. Bakery Services

We are a company specialized on any kind of "Bakery Services & Maintenance". You can trust all your appliances with us. Installing new equipment, upgrading existing ones, or simply improving all your areas of work, like electrical, workspaces, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

About A.B. Bakery Services

A.B. Bakery Services is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the clients we serve when providing bakery equipment solutions to the bakery markets and more.

Regardless of how small or big the repair is, you can count on A.B. Bakery Services to get the repair done properly, professionally and promptly, as it is understood a bakery should not have a long down time, which can cause them to lose many customers.

Expanding our Limits

A.B. Bakery Services is also helping small business to keep growing. We also serve Restaurants, Bakeries Shops, and Industrial business where a service or maintenance related to electrical, air conditioning, ventilation & ovens, is needed.

Do you own a small business like the ones mentioned above? Do you need to fix any appliances?, or have general maintenance to your A.C.?… We are happy to help you.

Proud to be experts in our main Services

Planned maintenance and prevention service

We work along with our clients to schedule regular inspections.

Installing & Fixing Equipment

We do the heavy work for you, installing and getting the parts needed to make work.

Illumination and Electrical installations

Lighting circuit connections and electric adjustments as needed.

Air Conditioning

Regular maintenance, installing or fixing AC's

We do our work with passion and we recommend our clients to plan ahead!

- Oven Maintenance

Oven maintenance refers to all the procedures and activities (covered by a program for plant maintenance) carried out to preserve the initial operating conditions (mechanical, thermal, and electrical) of an oven and its parts. Oven maintenance activities should focus on the following aspects:

  • Scheduled inspection of the oven’s overall status
  • Replacement of loose/flaking, worn, rusty, damaged, or broken components (nuts, screws, bolts, screw threads, taper pins)
  • Repair and welding of equipment subject to stress and load
  • Regular lubrication of moving parts and/or metal-to-metal contacts (drives, motors, bearings, chains)

We don't ask for recommendations. Our work speaks for itself.

“We are really happy with the work done by A.B. Bakery Services. They are always clear on what is required and what need to be done.”

SamCadoro Bakery

“What a way to have the work done. They offered the best and cheapest solution that worked out for us. Thanks A.B. Bakery Services.”

AndyBub and Grandma's Bread

“We are thankful with A.B. Bakery Services and their recommendations. We improved all our areas of work and now all looks more clear and like new.”

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